5 Methods To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Home

It is quite common to see mosquitoes in the summer months. They are also quite active in the spring season. But, what if you knew the methods with which you can repel them. If you are looking forward to effective methods to take up mosquito control and keep them away from your home, then read on the information given below. Remember, the reason why mosquitoes are deadly is because they might lead to dengue, malaria and Zika Virus.

Use Citronella Candles In Your Home

There are many ways in which you can keep the mosquitoes away from your home. But one of the leading methods is to use citronella candles. This is one of the best ways to enhance smell within your home. It would be a pleasant smell for you. But this is quite irritating for the mosquitoes. If you light up these candles in your home, you will get freedom from insects and mosquitoes.

EPA Approved Personal Repellent

If you wish to keep the mosquitoes away from your home then you can get ahead and use EPA approved repellents. These might be personal repellents that you can apply on clothes or in the corners of your home. So, be open to taking the right steps and see how these repellents would be useful for you. They are effective enough to keep the mosquitoes away. Thus they are considered as a potent treatment for organic pest control.

Clean Up Your Home And Make It Clutter Free

If you happen to clean up your home and de-clutter the same, then this will bring in the best results. A clean home never attracts pests, insects like mosquitoes. So, this one method can give you freedom from the pests and would make your home mosquito free.

Remove Standing Water Wherever You See The Same

If you happen to see standing water in some areas of your home like the kitchen or bathroom then you must quickly clean the same. This is one of the best remedies to remove mosquitoes from your area.

Lemongrass And Rosemary As The Most Important Mosquito Repelling Plants

If you are looking for pest control company for your home then your main consideration should be to use some plantation methods. If you are tired of mosquito infestation then you will have to think of some innovative ways. These include growing the mosquito repelling plants too.


The above 5 methods are truly the best and provide you the right means to keep the mosquitoes away from your home. So, be open to the ideas and use them to give mosquitoes a perfect farewell. There are many more methods. But these work towards bringing in some better solutions and ideas. The useful remedies can prevent your home from pests and can give you the best possible solutions that you have been looking for. There are some ways and means that you need to use and so be ready to take the relevant action at the right time.